• Dried Crumbs and Cubes from Fresh Bread Dried Crumbs and Cubes from Fresh Bread
  • Slow Cooker Chipotle Chili Slow Cooker Chipotle Chili
  • 置顶 S’mores Pop Tarts

    Variations on the classic s’more, like fancy s’mores, baked s’mores, or this graham-flavored s’more pastry, prove that the combination of graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate works well beyond the campfire circle. Game plan: You can roll the dough scraps into 1 or 2 more tarts, but you’ll then need extra filling and glaze. You can make the dough a day in advance; just be sure to let it soften at room temperature for about 10 minutes before rolling out. Though best when eaten fresh, the cooled pop tarts can be…

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  • The practice of mountain pepperfish

    Ingredients ingredients 10 green peppers, 1 gram of food, red pepper, 1 garlic, 3 grams of food, ginger ginger, ginger shredded food, raw powder, pink pepper whole fish 1. Cut the grass carp into a fish fillet with fish heads to keep the fish head fish tail 2. Put the cut grass carp in the pot and add it. 3. Boil water and boil into the fish head, fishtail tail, fish bone. After cooked, put the fish head in the long plate and put it into the plate of the…

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  • Xiangha.com> Recipes> Seafood Mushroom Tofu Soup

    Ingredients ingredients Tofu 1 Planet grams of food Seafood mushrooms 250 grams of ginger 1 small piece of gram of food peppercorns, 8 grains of salt, appropriate amount of appropriate amount of chicken essence, seafood mushroom tofu soup 1. Cut tofu, cut seafood mushrooms. 2. Add water to the pot, add ginger and peppercorns, and put in seafood mushrooms in water. 3. Cook the seafood mushrooms until it is broken and add tofu. 4. Add salt and green onion to turn off the heat after the water is boiled, and…

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  • Practice of pickled peppers fat intestines

    Ingredients, fat intestine green pepper, gram, food, pickled onion phase grams of food ginger, food oil, salt, white vinegar phase grams, food flavors, food, chicken essence pepper, pepper pepper, fat sausage 1. Repeat salt and vinegar with salt and vinegar until there is no odor.Cook the cut section. 2. Heat the fat intestine and stir -fry in the pot 3. Fry ginger, green onion, pickled peppers and green peppers 4. Adjust into MSG chicken fine white vinegar

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  • Practice

    The method of ingredients in the ingredients of ingredients, a little pickled pepper, a little pickles 1. Clean the cut ink fish, cut in half, put in ginger slices, rice wine, and pepper for ten minutes. 2. Cut of pickled pepper, cut onion, cut carrots, cut coriander. 3. Heat the pan, add oil to smoke, add peppercorns, green onion, shredded onion, ginger, garlic bean sauce, add cuttlefish, stir fry for a few minutes, change color and soy sauce, a little salt yellow wine to collect the juice. 4. Add onion…

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  • Xiangha.com> Recipes> Tofu Seaweed Shrimp Soup

    Ingredients ingredients Tofu 150 grams of gram grams of food kelp 50 grams of grams of food dried seaweed laver 3 small green shrimp, one piece of rapeseed, one ginger gram of grams of food, cooking wine, appropriate white pepper, appropriate amount of white pepper, seafood soy saucePower of pink tofu seaweed shrimp soup 1. Prepare all the main ingredients, tofu, seaweed, kelp, green shrimp, remove shrimp and crabs to wash and set aside 2. Boil the clean water on the heat, add ginger slices, cook wine, cook onion for…

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  • Method of stir -fried fish bubbles

    Ingredients ingredients Fish Bubble 1 pound of celery Half pounds of food Douban Sauce Douban Sauce Ginger Ginger Foods Garlic Foods Dry Pepper Pepper Food Dry Pepper Stir -Stir -Stir -fried Fish Bubbles 1. Wash the fish foam and pierce (if the fish bubbles can be cut too large, I forget to cut it), use hot water to get it, and use it immediately 2. Cut the ginger and garlic into the end, wash and cut the celery, set aside 3. Put oil in the pot to heat, add dried…

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  • The practice of soft almond tofu

    Ingredients Materials Milk Powder Milk 25g 500g Gramel Gall Sugar 50 G 7g Soft almond tofu method 1. Pour the milk into the pot in the pot to warm to 70-80 degrees 2. Pour all the ingredients into the same mixing and melt all the sugar 3. Pour in the prepared mold after glycating

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  • Practice of pickled chinice bamboo shoots

    Ingredients are ingredients, green bamboo shoots, one gram of food, old sauce, a little pickled pepper, two spoons, two spoons, two onions, one gram of food ginger, a little food, a little food, a little sugar, a little food wine, a spoonful of sour chucky bamboo shoot meat slices, 1. Pickled the end meat.Slice the linseh meat and put a spoonful of old soy sauce, a spoonful of cooking wine, a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of sugar, and then mix a little starch and marinate for 10 minutes 2….

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  • Xiangha.com> Recipes> Dry Pot Seafood Crispy Tofu

    Material ingredients Sea shrimp several thousand pages of tofu, one piece of lotus root, one section of grams of food carrot, a section of the food and the sausage, the amount of food fungus, the amount of food oil, the right amount of the salt, the sugarAffordable amount of garlic seedlings A moderate amount of food onion on shallots, grams of food ginger, picked food, garlic, appropriate amount of food Douxian Douxian, dried food, dried food, seafood crispy tofu 1. 2. 3.. 4. 4..

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