• Method of stir -fried fish bubbles

    Ingredients ingredients Fish Bubble 1 pound of celery Half pounds of food Douban Sauce Douban Sauce Ginger Ginger Foods Garlic Foods Dry Pepper Pepper Food Dry Pepper Stir -Stir -Stir -fried Fish Bubbles 1. Wash the fish foam and pierce (if the fish bubbles can be cut too large, I forget to cut it), use hot water to get it, and use it immediately 2. Cut the ginger and garlic into the end, wash and cut the celery, set aside 3. Put oil in the pot to heat, add dried…

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  • The practice of pork belly fried wild cauliflower

    The ingredients of ingredients Wild vegetables Half -pork belly, the right amount of raw soy sauce, appropriate amount of oil, salt, appropriate amount of penta -fried wild cauliflower 1. Wash it and boil it in the pot for two minutes 2. Put the oil in the pot, the oil is hot, and then put the pork belly with a little onion and fry the seven points to cooked 3. Then pour the ripe wild cauliflower in, keep frying constantly 4. Add the raw soy, salt, and add a little water…

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  • Curry rice practice

    Ingredients, chicken breasts, one piece of potatoes, one gram of food carrot, a gram of food curry pieces, a box of pea, a little corn, a little gram of food, color pull oil 30 grams of water, 500 grams of black sesame, a little bit of food curry rice 1. Chicken breasts, carrots, and potatoes 2. Corn grains and pea grains are frozen finished products in supermarkets (if you don\’t let it go) 3. Preheat the oil, add the stir -fry, add 500g of water when the fragrance is produced,…

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  • Performance of sauerkraut meat

    Food ingredients Fresh and lean meat 200 grams of sour radish, one edible oil, an appropriate amount of sesame oil, oil consumption, an appropriate amount of Douban, an appropriate amount of old soy sauce, a spoonful of raw soy sauce, a spoonful of celery, 30 grams of celery, food green pepperA little MSG, a little gram of food ginger, 10 grams of pepper pepper, 8 grains of starch, the right amount of sauerkraut pork 1. Lean meat. Soake the carrot for use. 2. Green pepper. Red pepper. Ginger. Celebrates washed…

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  • Salt and pepper

    Brief introduction On Valentine\’s Day, I went to Boston Pizza to eat his Salt & Pepper Dry Rub Rib Tips. I like it very much. I came back and tried to imitate a version of it. A small amount of pigs and a small amount of pepper and pepper can be used to decorate (Optional) color pepper Practice 1 Sorry for forgetting the process of taking photos. In this picture, I went the world. LOL first cut the ribs to small pieces, simmer the blood, and cook over medium heat…

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  • The practice of hot and sour cabbage

    Ingredients ingredients Little baby vegetables 4 chili sauce 300 grams of Chao Tianjiao 10 garlic 5 phase grams of food rock sugar 10 phase grams of food hot and sour cabbage 1. Four dolls 2. Wash the doll vegetables and put dry water 3. Chopped the pepper, chopped the garlic, 4. Use a small barrel to put it in the doll vegetable 5. Start marinating 6. Putting Chao Tianjiao Garlic Rock 7. Pour into the chili sauce again 8. Marinated it, you can eat it for a day Tip I…

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  • Afternoon tea for luxury thick polyshi girlfriends

    Brief introduction Girlfriend gathering Hightea home snacks must be necessary 1 square non -cut bread 2 ball ice cream 2 pieces of yellow peaches 2 tablespoons of honey 2g butter 1 banana 2 cherry 5G Pulling A cream 1 bottle of chocolate sauce 1 Tube refining milk method 1 Long -shaped bread is divided into two cubes and about the form of the square from the cut surface. Leave a certain thickness, otherwise the bread that is easily removed in the later period is cut into as much as possible…

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  • The practice of raisin porridge

    Ingredients, rice half box (rice bucket box) Xiangka food white raisins, a small handle of black raisins, a small handle of rock sugar, seven eight phase grams of food walnuts 1. Soak the rice with water in advance (I soak it the night before, get up in the morning and cook) 2. Wash the raisins and remove the grape poles. 3. Chop the walnut kernel with a knife. 4. Pour boiling water in the casserole, pour the soaked rice in, and boil the heat. 5. After the boil is boiled,…

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  • The practice of family brewing wine

    Ingredients ingredients Snake Dragon Ball Grape 50 catties of white sugar 2 catties of grams of food rock sugar 2 catties of grams of food siphon pipe 1 750ml glass bottle and 30 35 kg of 35 catties of glass can 2 households to make wine 1. The wine brewed this year, the romantic rosy, clear and transparent, sucking lightly: \”fresh sour, rounded sweetness, soft astringent, grape fragrance\” is soft to the tip of the tongue, Chun Ganqin spleen, long stamina, long stamina, long stamina, long stamina, long stamina. very…

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  • Snighting scientific way of eating: refreshing dumplings supporting salad

    Brief introduction Modern people always have various reasons to sleep late or stay up late. Most of these people have the habit of eating supper.Especially in the hot summer, people are always used to sleeping late.Some people say that eating supper is not healthy, but hungry, what should I do?In fact, a reasonable and healthy supper can supplement nutrition and help restore physical strength and energy. The best choice is carbohydrates and fruit and vegetable foods with low -fat and low protein, and do not eat too much.Let me introduce…

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