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  • The Scoop: Bacon Bars and Hazelnut Hiatuses

    By:Camilla Brandfield-Harvey From a hazelnut hiatus to an all-bacon bar, here\’s a boiled down list of this week\’s headlines: Nut So Fast: Despite recent rumors of a looming Nutella shortage, manufacturers say the meager hazelnut harvest in Turkey won\’t affect their output. Red, Blue or Bacon: Social media analysts found that a state\’s bacon or kale preference corresponds with its political leanings. Hot Off the Panini Press: The Chicago Tribune reported that nonprofit e.a.t. will convert unused news stands into health food kiosks in four Chicago locations. For the Love of Bacon: Canadians may just love bacon…

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  • Super Food Nerds: Make Your Own Almond Milk

    By:Rupa Bhattacharya ©2013 2013 Welcome to Super Food Nerds, a column written in alternating installments by Rupa (food and beverage editor, culinary staff) and Jonathan (research librarian, same place). Each will be dedicated to a particular topic — how to DIY something you don’t normally DIY, how to perfect a dish usually taken for granted, plus best techniques, underlying chemistries and a handful of inexplicable preferences. Basically, if they can overthink it, they’re on it. Our staff librarian and trend forecaster has been saying for ages that nut milks (almond,…

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  • Sifted: Cranberry Sauce Ice Cream, Turkey Enchiladas + More

    By:Allison Milam Hot Links We\’re Loving:  For a lot of us, the hoopla of Thanksgiving isn\’t so much about the turkey or the potatoes or the stuffing. Instead, we come to the table for the tangy, invigorating cranberry sauce. Down even more of this seasonal condiment this year with Cranberry Sauce Ice Cream by A Thought for Food, featuring ruby ribbons of orange-spiked cranberry sauce in scoops of homemade vanilla. When the big day has come and gone, use your Thanksgiving bird for a higher purpose than turkey sandwiches. Gimme Some Oven rolls together spicy Turkey Enchiladas that pack the…

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  • Sifted: Tax Day Cocktails, Triple Berry Dutch Baby + More

    By:Patty Lee 5 Hot Links We’re Loving: 1. Get your morning off to a delicious start with Joy the Baker\’s puffy triple berry dutch baby. 2. Drink away your IRS woes — or celebrate your imminent refund — with tax day-themed cocktails on Flicks and Food. 3. Girl Versus Dough swirls creamy Nutella into her showstopping, streusel-topped babka. 4. There\’s more to chickpeas than hummus, like these hors d\’oeuvres-sized patties topped with harissa aioli from A House on the Hills. 5. Pass the Sushi blends together fresh peas and sprigs of mint to form a bright, springy…

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  • Meringues: Better Than Chocolate?

    By:Sara Levine Related To: Holiday Valentine\’s Day In February, chocolate is everywhere. But what if your valentine isn’t a fan? Yes, these people are out there (my fiancé, sadly, is one of them). If you’re stuck with this dilemma too, but need a sweet treat to end your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, Laura Calder has your solution: Homemade meringues. Even I, a confessed chocoholic, might pick one of these melt-in-your-mouth confections over a dipped strawberry. Even though it needs only two ingredients — sugar and egg whites — this cookie can…

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  • Sifted: Holiday Goodies, Homemade Hot Chocolate + More

    By:Lauren Miyashiro 5 Hot Links We\’re Loving: Throw on some Christmas music and bake up a batch of The Faux Martha’s cranberry orange scones. A Cozy Kitchen shows you how to make fancy shmancy hot chocolate. It\’s easier than you think. Take a break from Christmas shopping and cookie dough to enjoy a bowl of Cookie and Kate’s curried cauliflower soup. We\’re putting Love and Olive Oil’s gingerbread caramels in the running for the best holiday mashup this season. Eggnog in cupcake form is awesome — especially when spiked with…

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  • More French Food at Home with Laura Calder

    By:Cooking Channel Petit Fours, Blackberry Millefeuilles and Pain Perdu — these are just a few of the elegant French dishes Laura Calder has demystified in the first 3 seasons of French Food at Home. Fortunately for haute-cuisine lovers everywhere, she\’s back and eager as ever to share some of her most recent culinary discoveries on the all new season of French Food at Home. Spanning the gamut of classics and contemporary recipes alike, Laura makes cooking French easy, from bistro desserts to savory tarts and scrumptious sautés. Catch the all new premiere of French Food at…

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  • Sifted: Minion Cupcakes, Deep-Fried Cookie Dough + More Crazy Desserts

    By:Lauren Miyashiro Related To: Dessert 5 Hot Links We\’re Loving: While eating a Double Stuf Oreo, have you ever thought to yourself that there’s still not enough filling? Reddit user EternallyXIII came up with what could be a game-changing solution: The Moreo. In case you didn’t already know, Twinkies have returned! For an excuse to go grab a box, make these adorable Twinkie cupcakes decorated as Despicable Me minions. My Baking Addiction layers crushed Samoa Girl Scout cookies with coconut pudding to make some pretty epic popsicles. For all you…

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  • Stop the World and Melt With These Easy Cheesy Fondue Recipes

    By:Alyse Whitney Related To: Cheese Sweet dreams are made of cheese, and one of our favorite ways to indulge is ooey-gooey fondue. Any excuse to dip anything and everything into a vat of melted cheese is Gouda in our book, and even though it seems like a fancy French thing to do, it’s so easy you won’t Brielieve it. (Last one, we promise!) Whether you’re throwing a fall bash or  Monster Mash, or just looking to crash after work with cheese and wine, there’s a perfect fondue for you. Check…

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  • Smart Choices for a 4th of July Picnic

    By:Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D. Red, white and blue foods aren\’t just patriotic, they confer health benefits. Plants get their colors from phytochemicals, which are health-promoting compounds. Red foods are filled with skin-protecting lycopene, some white foods have antibacterial allicin and blues are rich in circulation-enhancing anthocyanins. Here are some foods featuring these colors to celebrate the 4th in good health. Warm Sausage and Red Potato Salad: Swap in red potatoes as a healthy alternative to a classic potato salad.

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