• The practice of mountain pepperfish

    Ingredients ingredients 10 green peppers, 1 gram of food, red pepper, 1 garlic, 3 grams of food, ginger ginger, ginger shredded food, raw powder, pink pepper whole fish 1. Cut the grass carp into a fish fillet with fish heads to keep the fish head fish tail 2. Put the cut grass carp in the pot and add it. 3. Boil water and boil into the fish head, fishtail tail, fish bone. After cooked, put the fish head in the long plate and put it into the plate of the…

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  • Practice of pork belly fried cauliflower

    Food ingredients, cauliflower 400 grams of grams of food, pork belly, 100 grams of oil 20 grams of salt 1 small spoon of green pepper, 1 red pepper, 1 ginger, half -piece food, garlic 1 petals, grams of food onionMethod of fried cauliflower 1. Prepare the ingredients 2. Cut the cauliflower into a small flower, the pork belly is cut into thin slices, the green and red peppers are sliced by the entire diagonal knife, and the garlic is chopped onion 3. Put some oil in the hot pot (Note:…

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  • The practice of cauliflower fried pork belly

    Ingredients 300g of cauliflower 300g phase grams of food pork belly 150g onion 1 Food salt, salt salt, appropriate amount of raw soy sauce appropriate amount of cauliflower stir -fried pork belly 1. Prepare the raw materials, wash the cauliflower, and make it into a small piece 2. Boil water in the pot, pour in the cauliflower and scald it. Remove and drain the water. 3. Pork belly boiled in boiling water. 4. Slice slices, I don\’t put all the meat, leave some. 5. Put a diced oil in the…

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  • The practice of pork belly stir -fried broccoli

    Ingredients ingredients with 10 grams of grams of food grams of food pork belly, 100 grams of green onion ginger and garlic, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of pepper powder, appropriate amount of martial arts glyphosate 1. Wash the pork belly, cut into thin slices 2. Wash the broccoli and cut it into a small flower 3. Prepare green onion ginger garlic and red pepper 4. Boil boiling water and add a little salt and oil 5. Put in the broccoli, mix well and cook until it is broken,…

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  • Curry rice practice

    The ingredients, the chicken legs, two different foods, potatoes, half -phase grams of food carrot, half -phase food cooked rice, two bowls of salt (can not be added), curry two pieces of food, round green onion, water curry rice, the method of curry rice 1. After the chicken legs are removed and peeled, the chicken legs are cut into small pieces; 2. Add a little oil to the pot, add all the ingredients cut into small pieces and stir fry together, add a little salt and stir fry 3. After…

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  • Method of curry chicken pieces

    Ingredients ingredients, three yellow chicken half -life potatoes, 1 phase grams of food carrot, half -phase grams of food, curry powder, appropriate amount of oyster sauce, one piece of food ginger, one piece of food garlic, 4 petals, food oilMethod of curry chicken pieces 1. Prepare three yellow chicken half, wash and control water 2. Chop it into a block with a knife 3. Put it in a basin with cooking wine, sugar, black pepper, salt, and raw soy sauce for 20 minutes 4. Peel and cut the potatoes 5….

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  • The practice of curry potatoes

    Food ingredients Tudou 2 Dharma Foods Garlic 2 Pets Petae Food Oil Molition Salt Affordable Curry Powder Model of Curry Potato Practice 1. Prepare two potatoes. 2. Peel and wash, cut into pieces. 3. Cut garlic. 4. Boil potatoes with water for 5 minutes. 5. Swallow garlic in the pan. 6. Pour in the potato pieces and stir -fry the salt until eight mature. 7. Sprinkle with curry powder, sprinkle a little water and mix well. 8. Open it on the plate. 9. Write Zhang Dagi! Tip Pay attention to…

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  • The practice of winter melon pills

    Ingredients ingredients Pork 170 grams of grams of food, Winter melon 200 grams of grams of food onion, gram of grams of food ginger 1 piece of food, raw soy sauce, 10 grams of white pepper powder, 15 grams of egg white, egg white 1 saltThe practice of sesame oil a little winter melon pills 1. Cut the pork small pieces, chop the onion and ginger. 2. Then put it in the cooking machine to make meat. 3. Adjust the raw soy sauce, cooking wine, edible oil, white pepper, a…

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  • The practice of hot and sour cabbage

    Ingredients, cabbage, food oil, oil, oil, oily red pepper dried, dry 5 ginger, gram, food garlic 4 phase grams of food soy sauce, right amount of rice vinegar 1. Wash the cabbage 2. Cut the cabbage and set aside 3. Dry garlic, dried peppers, and cut ginger for later use 4. Boil boiling water and simmer the cabbage. Put some salt when you simmer. 5. In the pot, the oil, dried peppers, ginger stir -fry 6. Pour in cabbage for a while 7. Add raw soy sauce, rice vinegar, salt,…

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  • (Valentine\’s Day) Cherry creamy creamy biscuits

    Brief introduction Spring has arrived. The sour smell of falling in love … It is Valentine\’s Day immediately, so the girls who do this harem … Cream sugar can still accept it compared to fondant, after all, you can eat it. The main thing is cute! I have gone farther and farther on the road of my face … The sugar powder in the cream must be put in full, otherwise it will be tragedy. Be sure to draw a good background, and then draw the lines after drying so…

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