• sandwich

    Material Baliver, 2 eggs, ham sausage, lettuce practice 1. Put the egg into a larger basin and disperse. 2, the white soil division is evenly attached to the eggs evenly, which is yellow. 3, the pan is put in a small fire, and the white soil is put into the pot into the golden tap. 4. Take a piece of soil to go to the ham, another piece, it is fine to put the strawberry.

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  • Sweet, sandwich

    ingredients Formula Traditional Chinese Main ingredients: Toast 3 pieces Accessories: Candied Appropriate amount A total of 7 steps I want to talk about 1. Put a piece of toast first. 2. Apply sugar osmanthus uniformly. 3. Cover with a piece and then apply it. 4. Finally put another piece on it. 5. Cut off the edge part. 6. Divide into small pieces. 7. Put a small fork on each small sandwich.

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  • Sandwich

    ingredients Formula Ingredients: egg 2 Toast bread 2 pieces of film: Oil Appropriate amount Salt Appropriate amount onion Appropriate amount Total 8 steps I want to vomit 1. The earth is ready 2. Cut 2 tablets 3. Pull out some of the middle 4. Two eggs add chopped green onion and some picture slag, mix salt mix 5. Play a small amount of oil to prepare the frying 6. Pour the egg liquid 7. turn over 8. Egg liquid is solidified

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  • Sandwich

    Material 1. French bread two feet long, or twenty-five cm long two breads, 2. Mai milkz, hepatous sauce (goose, duck, chicken liver) each table, hepaton Liver Paste, Western supermarket Vietnam groceries are sold 3. Trough the meat OR skin frozen meat, one of the three meat, one of the three kinds of meat, can be retroiled to some American ham, slice, 4. Cucumber tabs. Little green pepper goes to the seeds, coriander, a small, sweet and carrot, four tablespoons of white radish, 5. Soy sauce, pepper surface practice 1. First…

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  • Carrot mustard sandwiches

    Material: Sliced bread 2, butter is properly, carrots, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of mustard, Pepper oil, raisure practice: 1, carrot cut. 2, add salt and mix well. 3, small bowl of lemon juice, olive oil and mustard mix. 4, squeeze the carrot wire with hand, squeeze the excess water, add the juice and raisins of step 3 and the raisins. 5. Wipe butter on one side of the bread. 6, the mixed carrot wire…

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  • Eggplant sandwich practice

    Ingredients: eggplant, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, onion Seasoning: tomato sauce, salt Production Method: 1. Sloth the eggplant, change the knife into square, and scattered the salt egg liquid, fried in the olive oil. 2, cucumber slices, tomatoes sliced, flowers, tear into small pieces, onion slices. 3, a layer of fried eggplant sheet, put on a cucumber, cheese.Putting a layer of eggplant slices and puts a little tomato sauce on the leaves, tomatoes, onions, and finally put a piece of eggplant piece. 4. You can eat the tomato sauce with a small…

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  • Beans Sandwich practice

    Ingredients: 200 grams of water, 300 grams of high-gluten flour, 10 grams of fine sugar, 1/2 ts of salt, 5 grams of yeast Production Method: 1, send a dough 2. Take out the dough 30 minutes before the end of the process, divided into 8 equipments, form a smooth, stamped with a thumb and forefinger in the center of the dough, and then pulled out of the ring, and finally fermented 10 minutes. 3, put the parents in front of the water in the water for 5 seconds, immediately turn…

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  • Italian three-way approach

    Formula: High powder 200g, low powder 50g, salt 5g, water 165g, yeast 2.5g, white oil 10g Production Method: 1.All materials are mixed into the expansion phase; 2.Put the fermentation basin to 2-2.5 times; 3.Take a dough, divide each 80-90g; 4.Wake up for 15 minutes; 5.Forming slippers in each pasta; 6.Put the baking tray; bake 200 degrees / 15 minutes.

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  • Jam sandwich practice

    Ingredients: 40g of fine sugar, 1 egg, 60g of butter, low-gluten flour 60g, blister powder 1.25ml, salt 1.25ml, jam appropriate amount. Production Method: 1. After the butter transformation, use the eggbeater slightly. 2, add fine sugar and salt into butter. 3, continue to send to the color, volume expansion. 4, add the dissipated egg liquid 3 times to butter, each time you need to stir until the egg liquid and butter are fully fused. 5, low-gluten flour and sputum powder mixed after mixing. 6. Mix the flour with the butter…

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  • Multi-dimensional nutrition sandwich practice

    Ingredients: Take the right amount of toast, 1/3 of the ridge, 1 cucumber, 3 eggs, the right amount of cheese, the right amount of lettuce Accessories: 2 teaspoon of cooking wine, 2 teaspoons, salt 1/2 teaspoon, black pepper sauce 2 teaspoon, olive oil 2 teaspoon, starch is about 50 grams, salt 1/2 teaspoon, black pepper broken Production Method: 1. The tenderloin removes the fascia, cut two pieces in the horizontal, and gently tapped on the top of the case with a meat hammer or the knife back, while massage the…

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