Sichuan cuisine

  • Pattern of sauce

    Ingredients: 400 grams of pork elbow Seasoning: 8 grams of sweet noodles, 15 grams of white sugar, 15 grams of soy sauce, 8 grams of cooking wine, 5 grams of monosodium, 3 grams of starch (corn), ginger, 3 grams of garlic (white skin), 5 grams of salt Production Method: 1. Wash the elbow to cut into a piece of 3 cm; 2, onion, ginger sliced; 3, hot, put the oil, put the sweet noodles under the pot; 4, when you are cooking wine, soy sauce, put elbow and onion ginger…

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  • Hand tearing chicken practice

    Ingredients: Xiaochai chicken half, 2 onions, 2 ginger. Seasoning: 1, 3 tablespoons of soy sauce; 2, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, 3 tablespoons of oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon of sugar, a little pepper, 3 cups of water. Practice steps: 1, chicken is washed, dried water, apply seasonings (1), and put it into hot oil to fry it; 2, other 2 tablespoons of oil, ginger, foal, add seasonings (2) to boil, put in the firewood, cook for 20 minutes, take out and let go; 3, tear the meat with hand, peeled,…

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  • Pakistanical practice

    Ingredients: pork ribs (pork belly) 500 grams Accessories: 200 grams of sprout, 25 grams of pickles Seasoning: 15 grams of vinegar, 2 grams of pepper, 15 grams of ginger, 100 grams of rapeseed oil Practice steps: 1. Wash the meat, boil into the pot to make up and pick up; 2. Squatt color in the meat, cooking wine on the skin; 3. Then enter the oil pan until the brown red, with hot water; 4. Cut the meat into pieces, and set a book in a bowl, and each side…

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  • Sauce pastry

    Ingredients: Tao kernel 250 grams Seasoning: 25 grams of sweet noodles, 30 grams of white sugar, 3 grams of pepper, 5 grams of paprika, 2 grams of MSG, 30 grams of vegetable oil Production Method: 1. In the peach ribding pot, it is incorporated into boiling water, add it for 2 minutes, wait for the peachrous skin, and tear the epidermis with hand; 2, the wok is placed on the fire, when the plant oil is burned to 50% heat, the peach is bry into golden yellow, remove the drained…

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  • Furong red practice

    Ingredients: 500 grams of crab Accessories: 120 grams of egg white, 50 grams of peas seedlings Seasoning: 10 grams of salt, 5 grams of MSG, 15 grams of ginger, 10 grams of chicken oil, 20 grams of peanut oil, 15 grams of liquor Production Method: 1. Wash the crab brush, remove the umbilicate, put the bowl of wine into the cage 15 minutes; 2, open the crab, leaving only the big chelation, the meat is digging, the outer casing is used, discharged in the disc; 3, pea seedling is washed…

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  • Palace insurance

    Ingredients: 250 grams of pheasant, 250 grams of chicken legs Accessories: 50 grams of peanut kernel (fried), 255 grams of starch (corn) Seasoning: pepper (red, pointer, dry) 25 grams, 1 gram of pepper, 2 grams of ginger, 30 grams of green onions, 1 gram of rice, 1 gram of salt, 1 gram of soy sauce, 1 gram of vinegar, 2 grams of white sugar, garlic (white skin2 grams, 15 grams of sesame oil, 150 grams of lard (refining) Production Method: 1, light the wild chicken is lightly lighter, cut into…

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  • Winter buckle practice

    Ingredients: 250 grams of pork belly, 100 grams of Sichuan winter vegetables, 25 grams of chili, 25 grams of vegetable oil, 25 grams of soy sauce, 2 grams of salt, Sichuan bean, ginger, garlic 8 grams. Practice steps: (1) Pork is cooked with white water, remove the oil and water on the skin with net cloth, and soy sauce.Winter is washed, and the pepper slices, ginger, green onion. (2) Fried spoon heat, note the water, the oil will open the skin downward, fried to the coke yellow, and dry the…

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  • Master\’s practice

    Ingredients: 500 grams of squid Accessories: 100 grams of Celery Seasoning: 100 grams of peanut oil, 15 grams of soy sauce, 2 grams of pepper, pihydrate, 15 grams of cooking wine, 2 grams of pepper, starch (corn), 10 grams of MSG, 15 grams of green onion, 10 grams of ginger Production Method: 1. The squid is cut into a 5 cm long, and the knife is cut into a well pattern; 2, celery heart to remove the ribs, cut into 30 mm; 3, onion, ginger, garlic cut into pieces; 4,…

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  • Bean skin peel sprouts

    Ingredients: 300 grams of oil skin, 500 grams of mung bean sprouts Seasoning: 50 grams of sesame sauce, 15 grams of green onions, 5 grams of pepper, 15 grams of eggs, 8 grams of vinegar, 3 grams of white sugar, 30 grams of vegetable oil, 5 grams of MSG, 5 grams of chili oil Features: hemp, spicy, crisp, tender, fresh, fragrant, refreshing is not greasy, dinner, banquets. Production Method: 1. Select the green bean bud to the roots, boilly hot and cool, the onion is cut into the end, and…

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  • Fried shrimp practice

    Ingredients: 250 grams of shrimp, 500 grams of rapeseed Accessories: 100 grams of fat, 25 grams of ham, 10 grams of coriander, 25 grams of 荸荠, 50 grams of egg white Seasoning: 10 grams of lard (refining), 10 grams of salt, MSG, 2 grams of pepper, 25 grams of green onions, 20 grams of ginger, starch (corn), 10 grams of cooking wine Production Method: 1, shrimp to the head shell, washed; 2, fat meat cut into pieces; 3, fat meat with prawns into a sludge; 4, ginger, onion, put it…

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