The practice of mountain pepperfish

Ingredients ingredients 10 green peppers, 1 gram of food, red pepper, 1 garlic, 3 grams of food, ginger ginger, ginger shredded food, raw powder, pink pepper whole fish

1. Cut the grass carp into a fish fillet with fish heads to keep the fish head fish tail

2. Put the cut grass carp in the pot and add it.

3. Boil water and boil into the fish head, fishtail tail, fish bone. After cooked, put the fish head in the long plate and put it into the plate of the head tail fish bone in the middle.On the bone,

4. Put the oil in the pot and put onion, ginger and garlic for stir -fry and stir -fry in green pepper, red pepper, small millet pepper, stir -fry and add a little water and then put in salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, cooking wine, pour the sagnal on the fishPut some green onions


Fish head, you must keep it into small pieces, the whole fish head, break into two halves

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