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Ingredients ingredients Tofu 150 grams of gram grams of food kelp 50 grams of grams of food dried seaweed laver 3 small green shrimp, one piece of rapeseed, one ginger gram of grams of food, cooking wine, appropriate white pepper, appropriate amount of white pepper, seafood soy saucePower of pink tofu seaweed shrimp soup


1. Prepare all the main ingredients, tofu, seaweed, kelp, green shrimp, remove shrimp and crabs to wash and set aside


2. Boil the clean water on the heat, add ginger slices, cook wine, cook onion for ten minutes, add tofu for ten minutes, cook for seven or eight minutes


3. Put in seaweed, salt, very fresh taste, seafood soy sauce, white pepper, green shrimp, cook for seven or eight minutes


4. Put in the washed rapeseed, chicken powder, cook for one or two minutes to turn off the heat, and serve on the table


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